Longevity Week Berlin - Opening Event

Hosted by Dr. Emil Kendziorra & 5 others
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Due to the overwhelming interest, we've moved the Opening Event to the prestigious Langenbeck-Virchow-Haus - which allows us to fit up to 500 guests.

Join the Opening Event of Longevity Week Berlin!


16:00 -> Admission & Exhibition

16:30 -> Opening and Welcome by the hosts Stephanie Dainow & Andrew Steele

Why Longevity Week Berlin?
Initiators Guido Axmann, Joachim Rautter, Emil Kendziorra

Greetings from Dr. Ina Czyborra, Berlin Senator for Science, Health, and Care

Moderated panel discussion "Democratizing Longevity?!" by Stephanie Dainow with panelists:

  • Dr. Andrea Gartenbach, Longevity Physician (Axmann & Gartenbach)

  • Dr. Andrew Steele, Scientist and bestselling Author of “Ageless - The new science of getting older without getting old”

  • Michael Greve, Investor and Philanthropist (Forever Healthy Foundation & KIZOO)

  • Dr. Emil Kendziorra, Physician and Entrepreneur (tomorrow bio)

The new Berlin Innovation Center for Aging and Longevity (BiCAL) by founders Nic Palmarini & Dr. Joachim Rautter

Female Longevity by Longevity Experts Christina Hanck (Everlabs) & Judith Müller (Biohacking Eve)

Longevity Mindset: From Surviving to Thriving by Longevity Physician Guido Axmann (Axmann & Gartenbach)

Exhibition & Networking

20:00 -> End of Opening Event

Longevity Week Berlin will become the predominant annual gathering of the global experts in Longevity, Healthy Aging & Prevention.
Longevity, Healthy Aging, and Prevention have become prominent topics in media and public discourse. With an aging population and an ever increasing interest in living healthily and longer this trend will likely continue over the next years and decades. Some predictions even go as far as expecting the field to become one, if not the largest economic sector.

Longevity Week Berlin is organized by a diverse group of stakeholders to position Berlin as the leading city for this upcoming trend and transition.

Over one week in May 2024 a wide selection of hospitals, foundations, startups and others will host workshops, conferences, dinners, panel discussions and more to shape the narrative around the topic and showcase Berlin’s unique talents.

With broad support from the community in Berlin, we except amazing events and thousands of guests.

From now, Berlin shall be THE city for Longevity, Healthy Aging & Prevention.

See other events: https://www.longevityweek.berlin/

Luisenstraße 58/59, 10117 Berlin, Germany