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Community-Led Growth: Shifting Trends in Product Building

Hosted by Arnav Bathla, Mark Tan & Nathan
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In five years, predicts Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, “more than half of the top-500 publicly traded companies are going to have a chief community officer.

Companies will be relying more heavily on designing products with their communities because that’s one of the best ways to remain competitive and win the market. By actively engaging your community in the product-building process, you’ll have a stronger pulse on what they need. And they in turn will become champions for your product. 

Join Mark & Nathan for a free sixty minute workshop breaking down everything we’ve spent years learning about how to build your community to power your product’s growth.

We'll tackle the following:

  1. ​Why do you want a community around you as you build your product?

  2. What is community-driven product management?

  3. ​How do you create a vision that’s community-centric?

  4. What does success look like?

  5. How do you map out a roadmap to find your first 100 early evangelists


Mark Tan

Led product and growth at Amazon & Twitch gaming communities of 10 million users. He's currently at Wyze, a consumer tech startup that recently raised $110 million in Series B, with community efforts that led to 30 product launches, 5 million paying customers, and more than 15k beta testers in 3 years. Mark scaled product communities from zero to 100k members. He also led a team of 8 Product Managers, UX Researchers, and Community Managers, combining these disciplines to champion community-led growth. He's a fellow at On Deck, Reforge, and Product School, part of 12 programs, and has coached more than 200 professionals.

Nathan Maton

Led community at OpenIDEO, Khan Academy & Google with over a decade of community-building experiences with in-person and online communities. Experienced user researcher with expertise in both qualitative and quantitative methods.