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Partner Office Hours Session Two: v1 Launch Week

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V1 Launch Week: Complete Schedule and Details

Partners Office Hours Session Two

Redwood has over 25 partner integrations covering deployment, authentication, databases, and more. During these two Office Hour sessions, we'll sit down with representatives from many partner companies. The format will be casual and intended for Q&A and open discussion.

Netlify: Matt Biilmann
Vercel: Lee Robinson
Storybook: Michael Chan
Planetscale: James Q Quick
Render: Anurag Goel
Gitpod: Mike Nikles
Layer0: Ishan Anand and Tristan Lee

About this RedwoodJS Event

​This is the place for anyone from anywhere to learn about and participate in the vibrant community. The event will take place on Zoom Webinar. There will be demos and presentations, live discussion and Q&A, participation by chat, and (optionally) joining the discussion by Audio and Video. (No video required.)

​By attending, we hope you become inspired to dive deeper into the Redwood ecosystem. And, more importantly, build new connections with some great people from all over the world. 🚀

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