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Does SocialFi Era Dawn?

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SocialFi is the fastest-growing blockchain segment even in the face of a bear market. Damus's user count surpassed 45k on its first day and continues growing. Is there a socialfi app that can really replace web2 social networks like Twitter or are we still in its infant stage?

Join us for with a discussion with socialfi pioneering builders about current web3 socialfi landscape, infrastructure readiness and how we can build the next generation social network with billions users.


06:30 pm~07:00 pm Registration & Networking & Food

07:00 pm~07:05 pm Opening

07:05 pm~08:00 pm Fireside chat

08:00 pm~08:30 pm Mingling


Qiao Liang, Founder, Us3r Protocol

Leinali, Founder, Dragon Pro

0xNought, Founder, Wormhole3 & Nutbox

Jessie, Co-founder, TraFinity Labs

Dr Yu Jia Ning, President, Uweb

Jocelyn Yu, Marketing & Paretnership Lead, SUSS NiFT