Cover Image for [ NFT自販機を体験! ] "TOKEN SPOT" featured by Flow
Cover Image for [ NFT自販機を体験! ] "TOKEN SPOT" featured by Flow
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[ NFT自販機を体験! ] "TOKEN SPOT" featured by Flow

Hosted by 古賀脩晟, Masaki Ogawa & Seth Luan
Past Event
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・ギャルバース、テレ朝バスケ、WAFUKUなど人気コンテンツのオリジナルNFTが購入できるNFT自販機、TOKEN SPOTを体験できるイベントです。
・NFT自販機の設置箇所は渋谷のClub Camelotの2階です。


1. 事前申し込みでクラブの入場料、ドリンクチケットがお得に!
・メンズ:3,900円 (1ドリンク付)→ 2,000円(1ドリンク付)
・ レディース:500円(1ドリンク付)→500円(2ドリンク付)
* 入場時に申し込み済みの画面をお見せください。
* 記載に誤りがあり、4月11日17時に、メンズのドリンクを2杯から1杯に修正しました。申し訳ありません。

2. TOKEN SPOTでのNFT購入で24karat オリジナルグッズをプレゼント!

・渋谷Club Camelot
・住所:〒150-0041 東京都渋谷区神南1丁目18−2 フレーム神南坂 B3


・PM1030頃 〜 AM2時頃


Experience buying popular NFT projects from an NFT vending machine at Shibuya Camelot!

  • An event where you can experience the NFT vending machine, TOKEN SPOT, which sells original NFTs of popular content such as Galverse, TV Asahi Basketball, and WAFUKU.

  • The NFT vending machine is located on the 2nd floor of Club Camelot in Shibuya.

  • On the day of the event, operating members will be on standby, guide you on how to experience.

Recommended for:

  • Fans of Galverse, WAFUKU, and TV Asahi Basketball!

  • Those who are wondering where to go for afterparties of TEAMZ side events!

  • Those who have been curious about NFT vending machines and want to try them out!

  • Those who want to interact with 24karat members and discuss about our NFTx community vision!


  1. Pre-register to get a discount on the club’s entrance fee and drink tickets!

  • Men: 3,900 yen (with 1 drink) → 2,000 yen (with 1 drinks)

  • Women: 500 yen (with 1 drink) → 500 yen (with 2 drinks)

  • Please show the screen of your completed registration at the entrance.

  1. Get 24karat original goods as a gift for purchasing NFTs at TOKEN SPOT!

  • Show the NFT you purchased on the spot or previously to the staff on the day, and get a 24karat original sticker!

  • T-shirts will also be given as gifts to the first few customers.


Event Time:

  • From around 10:30 PM to 2:00 AM

Club Camelot Night Club
Japan, 〒150-0041 Tokyo, Shibuya City, Jinnan, 1-chōme−18−2, Frame Jinnan-zaka, B3
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