Cover Image for UX Gym: 4-Week 1-1 Training, 20 Design Challenges
Cover Image for UX Gym: 4-Week 1-1 Training, 20 Design Challenges
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UX Gym: 4-Week 1-1 Training, 20 Design Challenges

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Your path to becoming a UX designer starts and ends with ongoing training and mastery of your craft.

Many people believe that by completing some courses, they are ready to enter the UX design market.

The reality, however, is different. The market is saturated, and startups are not receiving as much funding as before. Therefore, the competition is at its toughest.

The only way you can differentiate yourself is by exhibiting a higher level of craftsmanship than all the other applicants.

UX design is a craft. The first sculpture of a sculptor may not be worth it, but their thousandth one is something considerable.

UX Gym is a 4-week training program, and you'll tackle 20 daily design challenges that push your skills to the next level. Each day brings a fresh challenge, propelling you forward and ensuring you're on the cutting edge of UX design.

Here's the kicker: if you're not satisfied with what you've gained by the end, we've got your back with a FULL REFUND.

That's how confident we are in the impact this program can have on your journey to becoming a top-notch UX designer.

Join the UX Gym and not only do you get the guarantee, but you also get:

  • Weekly one-hour individual mentor sessions to guide you personally.

  • A private Discord channel to connect with your mentor and fellow participants.

  • Boost your online presence by sharing your daily challenges with our ready-to-share templates.

  • Tips & Tricks and a library of design resources to keep you at the forefront of UX design.

UX Gym is more than a training program; it's your ticket to entering the UX design market with confidence.

But remember, the clock is ticking; we only have 5 spots available each month. Secure yours now, and if, by the end, you're not wowed, we've got your back with a full refund.

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About Bonanza Studios
Bonanza Studios is a product design studio. We've been around for four years and during these short amount of time, we've worked with over 50 startups and completed 120+ projects. We've worked with some of the fastest-growing startups, such as Grover, wefox, awork, and Kenjo.

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