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Upper Airway Resistance, Dysautonomia and Crooked Face Epidemic

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Breathing is a critical function of our bodies, initiating essential survival reflexes. However, breathing disorders have become a modern epidemic, contributing to overactive sympathetic nervous systems and chronic inflammation.

Mouth breathing, in particular, has a more negative impact on overall health than overeating, both physiologically and orthopedically. Dysfunctional breathing often stems from asymmetrical faces and bodies.

Dysfunctional breathing presents various symptoms, including poor posture, underdeveloped faces, lack of nasal breathing, enlarged adenoids and tonsils, overactive sympathetic nervous systems, and pH imbalances across many bodily systems.

The body compensates for these issues to ensure its next breath, but treating each symptom individually without considering the underlying cause is unsustainable and harmful to patients. The medical community must collaborate across disciplines to treat patients holistically.

Join us on May 3rd as Dr. Esmaili discusses the importance of collaboration among dentists, physical, and functional medicine providers to identify signs of breathing disorders and address them collaboratively to create health and homeostasis.

During this event, you will learn:

  1. The relationship between asymmetrical faces, underdeveloped jaws, narrow airways, and posture.

  2. The side effects of mouth breathing, such as poor posture, poor sleep, and autonomic nervous system dysfunction.

  3. The importance of nasal breathing and the impact of mouth breathing on overall health, particularly in growing children.

  4. The connection between underdeveloped jaws and dysfunctional breathing and its negative impact on the autonomic nervous system and metabolic conditions.

Don't miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge on the crucial connection between breathing disorders and overall health, and learn how interdisciplinary collaboration can make a significant difference in patient outcomes.

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