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DREAMWORLD has started!! If you’re registering now just come to the venue and we’ll get you sorted at the check in :)

Join us at the W3DC unconference, taking place during DevConnect in Istanbul!

We’ll be hosting a series of TEDx style talks, Fishbowl Panels, and Open Jam Sessions that we hope will inspire and reignite participants to build tech that matters.

Dare to dream.

We believe that Ethereum will change the world. There will be a rockstar speaker lineup, on the latest and greatest. The space is an industrial warehouse.... separated into two zones, and connected by a bridge. Think left brain vs right brain. Devworld vs Dreamworld. The bridge unites us.

In the Dreamworld you'll be able to get up close and personal with big brains for small jam sessions (and spicy debates).

Ideate alongside dreamy speakers like Griff Green (Giveth), Sandy Peng (Scroll), Sreeram Kannam (Eigenlayer), Simona Pop (Queen Bee), Greg Markou (Chainsafe), Jordi Baylina (Polygon zkEVM), Shannon Wells (Livepeer), Manu Alzaru (Blockravers), and many more!

Technology alone cannot create sweeping change, and it's up to you to help make that magic happen. The possibilities are endless, and we want to hear your ideas. Come jam with us.

GM FRENS. Here are some highlights for the day and click through to see the full agenda:

10:00 AM - Welcome & Overview of the Day // Dani & Shannon

10:10 AM - Dude, where's my dApp? | Rethinking dApps for Web3 Adoption // Dani Osorio (MetaWeb Ventures), Shannon Wells (Livepeer), David Phelps (Jokerace)

11:20 AM - Fast & Furious: Finality Destination Ethereum // Illia Polosukhin (NEAR Protocol) & Sreeram Kannan (Eigenlayer)

11:20 AM - The Problem With Tryna Do Something Good: An intimate look at the history of social impact EIPs // Lane Rettig (Spacemesh)

11:55 PM - Public Bads: The Dismantling of Common Good // Simona Pop (moderator), Greg Markou (Chainsafe), Trent Van Epps (Protocol Guild), Jonas Seiferth (Optimism), Sky Minert (Metacartel)

12:30 PM - Ethereum for Good: Blockchains & Social Impact // Danibelle (Facilitator, Giveth), Manu Alzuru (Humanist)

1:00 PM - ZK Extravaganza: Everything you ever wanted to know & more // Jordi Baylina (Polygon zkEVM), Sandy Peng (Scroll), Igor (Gateway), Nicolas (Linea), Lane Rettig (mod)

1:20 PM - An Idea's Journey from Dream to Reality // Ben Lakoff (Bankless Ventures), Manasi Silvora (RISC Zero), Jerome de Tychey (Cometh), Max Zhao (Reach Protocol), Joanna Liang (Jsquare), Susie Batt (SheFi)

1:45 PM - Default Privacy Everwhere // Danibelle (Facilitator, Giveth), Polanski (dappNode)

2:15 PM - The Future of Software Development is Community Driven // Aidan Hyman (ChainSafe)

2:30 PM - DFG Salon

2:35 PM - For the Time Being // Gabe Tumlos (Mochi)

2:45 PM - Ethereum is for Everyone // Danibelle (Facilitator, Giveth), Susie Batt (SheFi), Maggie Love (SheFi)

3:00 PM - Building Web3 Products for Real Humans // Francisco Pinto (Request Network), Colin Lowenberg (Metamask/Consensys), Vijay Michalik (Superfluid), Facu Ameal (Yearn), Jennifer Hudson (UXly)

3:35 PM - The Protocol Layer: The Importance of Open Source // Boris Mann (Fission), aleph_v (Security Researcher), Eduardo Antuna (dappnode), Terry Culver (Digital Finance Group), Maxwell Saal (NEAR/DEV/HUB)

3:45 PM - Why Decentralization Matters // Danibelle (Facilitator, Giveth), Raul CS (Diva Staking/Shamir Labs)

4:10 PM - Multichain Multiplayers // Greg Mark (Chainsafe)

4:00 PM - All About Data Availability // Firat Sertgoz (Pagoda)

4:20 PM - Provenance 2033 // Ren Crypto Fish (Electric Capital)

4:30 PM - Public Goods: Building the Ecosystem that We All Want to See // Shannon Ewing (Astraea Collective), Scott Moore (, Manu Alzaru (Humanist), James Wo (Digital Finance Group)

4:40 PM - Building Crypto Communities // Rich O'Grady (Chinwags), Erica Kang (CryptoSeoul), Ria Riaz (ChainSafe)

5:00 PM - DAO F%&! Ups: What do DAOs get wrong? // Griff Green (Giveth)

5:30 PM - Flash Dance Party // Blockravers

6:30 PM - FIN :)