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DevRel Mastermind: Drafting DevRel Strategy

Hosted by Tessa Kriesel
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This series has no upcoming sessions scheduled. Heard something is coming? Check back later!
About Event

Join a 4-week DevRel mastermind focused on finding your game-changing opportunities and delivering impactful team strategy.

This mastermind series includes the following resources & benefits:

  • Weekly guided 60 minute video sessions with your peers

  • Async AMA with Tessa (Host) & your peers

  • Access to premium content & templates for effective management

  • Invite-only access to the mastermind resource library

  • Curated subgroups to dive deeper with 2-3 of your peers

  • Access to mastermind resources and recordings for 1 year

Who can benefit from this mastermind group:

  • Experienced DevRel practitioners moving into a leadership role

  • DevRel teams of one looking to structure the chaos & prioritize appropriately

  • DevRel leaders looking to drive impact, measure success, & report impact to leadership

  • Leaders that oversee DevRel looking to draft team strategy.

We'll be covering the following topics:

  • Week 1: Research & Discovery

  • Week 2: Setting Ruthless Priorities

  • Week 3: Prioritizing Game-Changing Opportunities

  • Week 4: Measuring & Tracking Success

Exact day of the week and time will vary based on the best timing for the entire group. Group sessions will begin the week of August 1, 2022.