Drafted: A Day-Long Writing & Learning Event by the On Deck Writer Fellowship

Mar 22 (Mon), 3:00 PM - 11:30 PM Coordinated Universal Time ·Zoom


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Event Information

You're invited to join us for Drafted: a free, day-long virtual event sponsored by the On Deck Writer Fellowship. Hear from amazing speakers, meet other incredible writers, and learn how writing can accelerate your career online.

You'll end the day having produced something of tangible value: a short blurb about yourself and your written work that you can use on your website, blog, or newsletter.

Full Schedule (EST)

  • 11am–11:30am: Kickoff & Welcome Remarks

  • 11:30am–12pm: Breakout Games & Icebreakers

  • 12–12:40pm: Speaker: Michael Jones on Developing a Sustainable Writing Practice

  • 12:40–12:45pm: 5 min break

  • 12:45–1:25pm: Speaker: Jessica Li on Sourcing and Conducting Great Interviews

  • 1:25–1:30pm: Power-Up Activity

  • 1:30–2:30pm: Choice between two workshops:

  • Sensory Writing - Translate sensations into words for rich and evocative writing

  • Transforming Your Titles - How to make your titles leap off the page

  • 2:30–3pm: 30 min break

  • 3–3:40pm: Speaker: Packy McCormick on His Journey from 0 to 36,000 Subscribers

  • 3:40–4:35pm: Workshop: Your Personal Brand - Creating a compelling blurb about yourself or your work

  • 4:35–4:40pm: Power-Up Activity

  • 4:40–5:25pm: Speaker: Nick deWilde on Finding, Developing, and Growing Your Niche

  • 5:25–5:30pm: 5 min break

  • 5:30–6:30pm: ODW Alumni Panel - Four alums on their experiences as On Deck Fellows

  • 6:30–7:30pm: Virtual Afterparty on Rally

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