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How to Launch and Scale Innovative Products that Go Viral

Hosted by Queens Tech + Innovation Challenge
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Do you have an innovative product? Do you know what it takes for a product to go viral? This workshop will showcase all the positive and negative elements that underpin a viral business. You will leave the workshop having a stronger knowledge base about what kinds of products, campaigns, and businesses can go viral and why.

To make this workshop happen, we're excited to have Max Ringelheim, the founder of When Going Viral, to share about his "going viral" experience. Max is a serial entrepreneur from Long Island, NY. In January 2015, he helped cofound his most famous startup to date - the popular Hoverboard brand called PhunkeeDuck. Max witnessed PhunkeeDuck go viral overnight and turn into a global phenomenon with the help of the Kardashian family, Jamie Foxx, Jimmy Fallon and hundreds of other influencers. In less than eight weeks PhunkeeDuck generated over a million dollars in sales, and accumulated over 100,000 followers on social media. However only 14 months later the company and the entire Hoverboard industry literally and figuratively crashed and burned due to various fire incidents leading to the government banning Hoverboards.

In this workshop, you will be able to learn not only the crucial elements that underpin a viral business, but also Max’s mistakes launching PhunkeeDuck and gaining viral traction.