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Lucky Astrology Workshop

Manifesting Love, Wealth, Beauty Lucky Astrology Workshop

Hosted by Tara Greene
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Manifest more Love, Wealth, Beauty in the Lucky Astrology Workshop of the year.

March 5/6 Mars and Venus conjunct, meeting for a rare lucky second time in three weeks at 0 degrees Aquarius-that Age of Aquarius Initiation degree, from December 21, 2020. Appearing Days after a New Moon in PISCES, these are auspicious times to create and dream something completely different.

AQUARIUS energies are a breath of fresh air, for radical new possibilities to free ourselves from the shadows of past toxic relationships, or that failed ones or ones that never materialized. We have all been in one of those at some point in our lives.

We will harness all the energies of Higher consciousness, radical intervention and inventiveness to think outside the box, to work with Divine Timing and perfect synchronicity to manifest everything our heart and soul desire.

Dont miss this awesome opportunity to work in a sacred circle to assist in inventing new energy, radical freedom, taking back your power, and co-creating the world of harmony equality and humanity, the Higher Consciousness of Aquarius.

If you've been wanting to work with me, now is the time.

Limited to 25 people.