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Downloads are designed to help writers quickly gather the most important information and data on a valuable growth tactic. In this edition, we will review the tools that you have to incentivize your subscribers to upgrade their subscriptions.

Reid DeRamus, the founder of Yem, has helped some of the most successful Substack writers create emails that convert meaningful numbers of free readers to paid subscribers (while also preventing cancellations). Reid now leads Substack’s growth team and will guide us through strategic best practices for conversation—including key messaging for targeted outreach, utilizing special offers, and paywalling posts. 

Attendees will absorb these key lessons, and learn from examples of writers who have successfully converted readers with each tactic.

What we’ll cover:

  • Flexible paywall

  • Using Substack’s customer relationship management (CRM) tools to target existing readers

  • Special offers ( discounts and free trials)

  • Group subscriptions

  • Gift subscription


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