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Fireside Chat with L2 Builders ❤️‍🔥

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About Event

​Join a fireside chat to discuss the practicalities, pain points, opportunities and trade offs for building projects on Ethereum Layer 2s. Expect to have open discussions on the state of the Nigerian ecosystem.

​This is a two way discussion between the visiting L2s and Nigerian founders and community builders.

​We will delve deep into the state of the Ethereum global community, and the roadmap to scalability. It's also an opportunity to share with the visiting Ethereum community the journey of Nigerian founders, exploring the unique needs and thought processes when it comes to choosing the right environments to build in, and discuss the intricacies of building for the Nigerian/West African market.

​Our goal is to come out of this session with high-context relationships, creating a conducive environment for ongoing collaborations.

​This event is capped and curated specifically for project leads and grassroots community leaders. If you are primarily interested in learning about Ethereum L2s and connect with others in the Nigerian ecosystem, we invite you to join the Ethereum Meetup event.

​✨ This event is supported by Arbitrum, Scroll, Optimism, and ETH Global. And brought to you by Borderless in partnership with local communities.

​🍿 Snacks and refreshments will be served.