Cover Image for Paris Open-source AI developer meetup
Cover Image for Paris Open-source AI developer meetup
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Docker and Friends are in Paris!

Docker and Friends will be hosting a local & open-source AI developer meetup on Thursday, 20 June at 6:00pm at Station F in Paris.

Come gather with developers for a night of fun!

Event schedule:
6pm: Doors open
6:30pm: Lightning demos

  • Carol Chen, Red Hat, InstructLab project - applying open source methods to model alignment

  • Ignasi López Luna, Docker, Using HuggingFace models in Ollama programmatically

  • Estelle Scifo, Neo4j, Multimodal models search using Neo4j

  • Joffrey Thomas, Hugging face, Working Locally with Hugging Face 

  • Michael Yuan, GaiaNet, an open source local LLM + RAG solution 

  • Francois Bouteruche, AWS, an AI guessing game 

  • Pierre-Loic Doulcet, LlamaIndex, Local multimodal RAG with LlamaIndex

  • Yann Leger, Koyeb 

  • Rachid Snoussi, Red Hat, How to use Ollama with Java and how to avoid LLMs hallucinating 

  • JP Hwang, Weaviate, A scalable, open-source RAG stack with Weaviate

  • Alex Combessie, Giskard, open-source RAG evaluation toolkit

  • Maxime Voisin, Cohere, Beyond Basic RAG... Towards Agentic RAG!

  • Harizo Rajaona, Minstral AI


We've partnered with Ollama to bring you Ollama keychains! Come to the meetup and pick it up in person!

We are excited to meet everyone! Thank you

5 Parv. Alan Turing, 75013 Paris, France
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