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Beyond Achievement: Experience Authenticity and Connection

Hosted by Koherence Brotherhood
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Feeling stuck in the perpetual cycle of achievement without any real joy? Lost in comparison, or disconnected from your true self? If these strike a chord, you're not alone. It’s time to go beyond superficial success and experience genuine authenticity and connection.

We personally invite you to join us for a transformative workshop where you’ll learn how to connect with your inner compass and navigate towards a life of coherence and purpose.

Engage in hands-on exercises designed to unearth your authentic self. Connect with like-minded brothers, and immerse yourself in the embracing warmth of the Koherence Brotherhood. This isn't just another workshop—it's a step towards conscious growth and purposeful living.

Remember, we're not just facilitators in this journey, we're here with you as you navigate your inner world.

This is your invitation to connect deeply, live consciously, and embrace who you really are.

Don’t wait any longer.

Welcome home to yourself. Welcome to a space where achievement meets authenticity and connection. Welcome to the Koherence Brotherhood.


Facilitator: Viljar Rystad

Viljar is a dedicated entrepreneur, coach, and group facilitator. With 7 years of hands-on experience, he's learned the art of leading groups in the realms of creativity and vulnerability. His journey has allowed him to collaborate with some of Norway's leading companies such as Schibsted, BDO, and Orkla, steering innovation projects and facilitating groups. His personal growth and professional growth has been enhanced by certifications in emotional baggage release through Emotion Code, removing fears and subconscious blockages via Psych-K, and the harnessing of intuition through the HeartMath Institute. At the core, Viljar is driven by a mission: to guide men on the journey from the head to the heart. His passion lies in guiding individuals to reach their highest potential and live in harmony with their true, authentic selves.