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Business Wars - The Future of Venture Investing With Venture Investors

Hosted by Isabelle Cloud
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Every month we have a discussion topic on an important topical area inside the business or venture capital community. Over the previous months we’ve discussed the future of AI and branding and this month we are turning our focus to the availability of money itself for the startup community. Over the past 10 years we’ve seen an extravagant increase in the available capital for early stage startups that has many intended and unintended consequences inside the global startup community. During 2023, this free availability of money was reversed, causing panic and confusion throughout early and late stage startups alike.

There is no more perfect time to have a business wars discussion regarding the current state of venture capital globally. As always, we will have opposing opinions on either side of the room arguing their perspective on whether this is the greatest time there has ever been for investors in start up or the most dangerous.

Join us whether you are a startup, an existing investor or new investor and gain a greater insight on how to capitalize on everything that is to come in venture capital and angel investing during the rest of 2023 and 2024. As always, we will have drinks and great conversation here for you!