Scaling a Sustainable CPG Startup



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CMU T&E’s Industry Insights Event Series is excited to kick off the first virtual event of 2022 with an exciting deep dive on creating a consumer packaged goods (CPG) startup. Learn from Belinda’s experience building ELIMS, an oral care startup with a focus on sustainability and natural ingredients!

Belinda Lau is the Founder & CEO of ELIMS. Prior to Elims, Belinda spent over 15 years at Medtronic. Belinda received her MBA from UCLA and her BSc from Carnegie Mellon University.

Belinda was named a member of the Forbes Next 1000 list in 2021, and her startup Elims has been featured in Vogue, Huffington Post and WebMD.

Agenda: 5:00-6:00 pm PDT: Presentation + Q&A

During the course of Belinda’s presentation, we plan on exploring several topics:

  1. Belinda’s 15 year tenure at Medtronic and what inspired her to start ELIMs, and how Belinda’s education past experiences hav shaped her current venture.

  2. How building physical products (from design to manufacturing) is different than digital products

  3. Applying to clean-tech specific accelerators (CleanTech Open)

  4. Exploring product market fit on physical product development lifecycles

  5. Testing out different GTM strategies once there is signal for product demand

  6. Building out a robust supply chain

  7. Ensuring clinical efficacy of ELIMS toothpaste/whitening strips & convincing customers to switch

  8. Scaling out a team

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