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Techstars LA & Space VIP Investor Showcase and Expo [Fall '23]

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In-Person Expo after Techstars Virtual Demo Day

​Join us at 4pm PT on Wednesday, December 6th to meet and speak with our 23 amazing companies at the Petersen Automotive Museum!

This reception is a direct follow-up of our virtual Demo Day hosted by Kernal the morning of December 6th. You can register for those events here:

This fall, we have two incredible cohorts that are graduating. The Techstars LA program powered by JP Morgan is industry agnostic and invests in companies from a variety of verticals. Our Techstars Space program operates in partnership with NASA's JPL and the US Space Force, focusing in companies working in aerospace and defense. We can't wait for the community to meet 23 companies poised to disrupt industries and change the world through their technology and innovative solutions!

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Learn more about each of our 24 companies before they present:

Techstars LA:

Techstars Space:

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