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Cover Image for How to Build Your Career as an Immigrant
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How to Build Your Career as an Immigrant

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As an immigrant and newcomer in the Canadian market, getting your career off the ground can be extremely challenging. 

Fernanda has spent the last ten years experiencing that journey first hand and has done an extremely impressive job establishing herself in her field.

Now she's joining us to share some effective strategies and advice on how to navigate the North American job market and build a career that is rewarding and feels right for you.

You’ll learn about:

- Common barriers you can expect as a newcomer to Canada(bias & prejudice, “canadian experience”, and your own internal beliefs)

- Strategies to overcome those barriers

- Getting to the next level

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About your host:

Fernanda has nearly 10 years of experience in B2B tech. She has led demand gen teams and launched global go-to-market campaigns for new products and markets. From dreaming up integrated campaigns that educate and nurture leads, to optimizing martech stacks and enabling sales teams – she’s done it all.

When it comes to building a career as an immigrant, she’s had a lot of experience being the "only" in the room (foreigner, woman, POC etc) and has had her fair share of challenges to overcome. She’s extremely passionate about helping others do the same.

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