Cover Image for Zumba Tuesday @ Halethorpe Community Center
Cover Image for Zumba Tuesday @ Halethorpe Community Center
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About Event

We'll be dancing at the Halethorpe Community Center (Halethorpe Civic Center)

Let's dance! Cardio dance fitness, Zumba style.

It's so easy to "get your steps in" when you're doing something you actively enjoy :) Dancing is so much fun!!

First 5 minutes - introductions, questions
Middle 50 minutes - dancing! warmup, core dances, cool-down
Last 5 minutes - outro, reflections, questions

First time?

All of our dances are meant to be beginner-friendly -- you can jump right in without any dance background or training. You probably won't get 100% of every move down perfectly on your first day, and that's normal! But from day one you'll be having some fun and getting some cardio in 👏🏻

Our dances are designed so you'll be fully dancing on day 1 -- but you'll also get better at them the more you do them, week after week. By week 4-5 of repeating a dance you may be comfortable enough to add your own "flavor" to the dances, and the fun doubles.

We'll have one instructor dancing on "lower intensity mode" and another on "higher intensity mode" - you can choose who to follow.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How much does it cost?

  • $8/class If you pay ahead here on, it's only

  • $10/class if you pay when you arrive (cash or QR code)

  • $30/month if you pay regularly. Save money and do less paperwork.

If you're new or bringing new people, there are two discounts

  • First Time Discount - $5 off with code FIRSTTIME

  • Bring A Friend Discount - $5 off with code BROUGHTAFRIEND

If the cost is prohibitive for you, reach out to us and we'll see what we can do 🙏

This event is at the Halethorpe Community Center, which is the building next to the Halethorpe Community Fields.

🚗 There is a dedicated parking lot.

🚂 This is an 18 minute walk from the Halethorpe MARC train station (check the schedule to see if they run late enough to use that option!).

You'll know you're in the right place when you hear our music!

If you arrive late, please join the class whenever you're ready. You can pay at the end.

What should I bring?
You may want to bring:

  • comfortable shoes

  • comfortable clothes

  • water bottle (and consider your electrolytes)

Community Chat
Chat with your classmates by joining our Community Dance Fitness WhatsApp group chat.

Code of Conduct
You are expected to treat everyone with respect. We want everyone attending to feel included, accepted, and celebrated.
No racism, bigotry, body shaming, etc.
At the organizers' discretion, members may be asked to leave.

Notice something that might not rise to these standards?
Please reach out to Casey or Brian, so we can be proactive about it! We may take actions such as: reminding the group about our standards, talking to folks 1:1, and/or removing repeat offenders from the group.

Who attends? Will there be people like me there?
We hope to have folks attend of all levels of fitness, experience levels, ages, race, ethnicity, and other backgrounds.

Casey and Brian are two gay men, sensitive to issues of inclusion and acceptance.

What's this group about?
Our group exists so that local community members have a chance to get in some cardio, making us all healthier.

Fun cardio!!

Who runs this group?
This group is co-run by Casey and Brian, two Arbutus locals and long-time dance instructors.

By attending, you are agreeing to the Zumba Waiver of Liability and the Code of Conduct.

Halethorpe Community Center
1900 Northeast Ave, Halethorpe, MD 21227, USA
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