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Cover Image for FREE WORKSHOP: Instant Songwriting with Musical Improv at Baltimore Improv Group
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FREE WORKSHOP: Instant Songwriting with Musical Improv at Baltimore Improv Group

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Hey friends! Curious about musical improv? Learn to create new songs instantly. Join us for a night of on-the-spot song crafting. It doesn't matter if you've ever sung a note, or you're someone who's never picked up an instrument before—everyone is welcome.

It's the perfect introduction before you join in the fun and try your hand at musical improv through improv games!


In the workshop: we'll delve into the fundamentals of musical improv, learning common song structures such as verse-chorus songs or tagline songs. It's your turn to jump in and give musical improv games a try!

An Improvised Musical: we'll take a break with a live demonstration of a fully improvised musical. You'll see improvised songs in action with a showcase led by a team of dedicated learners and performers just like you. From spontaneous melodies to quick-witted lyrics, you'll see a musical story unfold before your eyes.

Know an improv warm-up or exercise? Let us know in advance and you can run that! We're also seeking your requests and ideas. See the chat links below to join our Whatsapp group.

Musical improv is the creation of songs in real-time including lyrics, and melodies on the spot, blending music, improv comedy, and storytelling with quick wit and creativity.

We'll all learn how to play a variety of improv and musical improv games!

  • At this meet-up, you'll learn to create brand-new songs instantly, whether you're an improv veteran or stepping into the musical improv scene for the first time.

  • Instant musical creation with the help of our supportive community: you'll have the chance to find your musical voice and have fun with music in a safe and welcoming environment.

  • We tailor each session to the group: novice and expert music background or improv experiences welcome. Line by line, let’s build spontaneous songs in the moment at the speed of fun.

It's the perfect blend—challenging enough for the pros, yet welcoming for beginners. We're all about creating an inclusive space where everyone, regardless of experience, can contribute to the symphony of creativity.

Join this community of musical improvisers who loves nothing more than sharing our love of music and improv comedy with others.

This meetup is free!


Join our group chat!

We use WhatsApp. You can join our chats via these two “magic links”

  1. MIM Chat, for sharing memes, musical improv videos, events, asking questions, etc

  2. MIM Volunteers Chat, for helping make our events happen (venues, messaging, spreading the word, deciding what content to cover, etc)

  • Everyone is invited to join MIM Chat.

  • Some of you might ALSO want to join MIM Volunteers Chat (we could use help!!) Become a co-organizer!


Baltimore Improv Group's BIG Theater serves as the region's leading non-profit improv comedy theater.  Located at 1727 N. Charles St. in the Station North Arts & Entertainment District, the theater opened in 2017 and offers 3,000 square feet of space for live comedy shows, classes and workshops for adults, kids and teens.

The theater is also equipped with several classrooms, a library, and a podcast studio. BIG's live theater shows include improv comedy, stand-up, sketch, storytelling, and other local Maryland improv shows.

Parking: $3 at the garage across the street. Just say you're going to the unoeic theater!

Accessibility: BIG is wheelchair ramp accessible.​

Baltimore Musical Improv is a nonprofit collective dedicated to spreading the joy of musical improvisation throughout the city. Fiscally hosted by the 501(c)(3) Open Collective Foundation, our mission is to bring people together to experience the excitement and creativity of this unique art form. Whether you're an experienced performer or just starting out, we offer occasional workshops, attend musical improv shows, and form groups to put on our own performances.

Our regular meetups provide a platform for participants to connect with others who share their passion for musical improv, while our shows showcase the talents of our members to a supportive audience. We're committed to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can explore their musical potential and make new connections.

Learn more at

Baltimore Improv Group (BIG)
1727 N Charles St, Baltimore, MD 21201, USA
We're at Baltimore Improv Group 1727 N Charles in Station North. Parking available across the street. Mention the theater for a parking discount
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