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Unleashing Your Executive Superpowers With Chalyse Elsasser

Hosted by Mindmaven Team & Chalyse Elsasser
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About Event

​​About Event

Unleash Superpowered results for you and your team with this game-changing live session hosted by Mindmaven Senior Coach, Chalyse Elsasser. 

Join us to discover highly efficient workflows that will 10x your productivity and free up 12+ hours every week.

​Here's What You'll Learn 

At the end of this transformational 60-minute session, you'll have learned how to: 

Master Time Management: ​​​How to effectively leverage support resources and become more intentional in how you allocate your time for supercharged productivity. 

Revolutionize Your Workflow: ​​​Discover tactics for effortless email drafting and inbox management that fundamentally change how you work with your EA/Chief of Staff to free up 12+ hours every week. 

Win the Urgency vs. Importance Battle: Acquire tools to become a proactive leader rather than a reactive figurehead and tackle tasks with Superpowered efficiency.

Deepen Team Connections: Unlock the secret to developing deeper, more meaningful relationships with your team for increased collaboration and rapport.

Stress-Proof Your Success: ​​​How to achieve all of this while also reducing the amount of stress, sacrifice, and mental load you may currently be experiencing for a more fulfilling life.

Together, these result in Unleashing Your Executive Superpowers of Leverage, Intent, and Fellowship. The key to achieving phenomenal success without sacrificing what matters most. 

We encourage you to come to the session with your video on and ask any questions you may have - we'll get to as many as we can.

​​About Us

​​​​At Mindmaven, we help leaders free up 12+ hours each week by changing the way they work with an EA.

​We've spent the last 15+ years working with hundreds of leaders, including unicorns like Thumbtack, Reddit, and Roblox, as well as heavy hitters such as Sequoia Capital, Andreessen Horowitz, Benchmark, and First Round Capital.

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