Divercities: Global Poetry Share

September 9, 3:00 PM - 4:00 PM UTC
Shared Studios


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There are over 500 native languages spoken in Nigeria, two of the main being Yoruba and Igbo. In this connection to Lagos, the most populous city in Africa, hear from poets who write in a number of these languages. Listen for the similarities and differences in each language, explore the poetic forms at work, and learn about some of the country's prolific poets! Three iconic Nigerian poets are joined by DC poet and performer Charity Blackwell in performance and dialogue!

The DIVERCITIES series in collaboration between Planet Word and Shared_Studios explores the relationship between language and city. Through transformative conversations with comedians, poets, artists, journalists, educators and activists, we uncover what it means to live in a particular city, what it stands for, values, and how our understandings and misunderstandings with urban spaces are formed. How do cities shape the ways in which we communicate? How do we communicate about a particular city? What words are unique to our city? And, how do others understand our cities through the language used to communicate its identity to the rest of the world?

Each month, we will feature a creative avenue for words and language among cities in the Portal network. These moderated conversations are a chance to delve deeply into the similarities and differences of art forms in diverse cities. See below for program details and registration information. All programs are free.

Shared Studios

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