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Cover Image for Disrupt with DePIN

Disrupt with DePIN

Hosted by Chaal Pritam & Kaushik
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Bengaluru, Karnataka
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About Event

​Disrupt with Decentralised physical Infrastructure (DePIN) !🥂 🥂

🚀 What is DePIN 🥳

The utilisation of decentralised physical infrastructure (DePIN) potentially represents the most extensive application of blockchain technology in real-world scenarios thus far.

Blockchain technology has disrupted numerous industries, yet physical infrastructure has largely remained static. Traditionally, large corporations dominated this sector due to its massive capital requirements, resulting in limited innovation and competition, which translated into controlled pricing and services. However, blockchain and Web3 technologies are now changing the game.

DePINs are networks that use tokens to incentivize people to crowdsource and build of real-world physical infrastructure networks. A good analogy is to compare DePIN to a "contribute-to-earn" model. The same way mining cryptocurrency or acting as a validator contributes to the decentralization and resilience of the blockchain, in the case of DePIN, you're doing something similar, but for a different type of service - which is building and maintaining physical infrastructure.

​🎉About the event 🎉

​This informal gathering for explores and builders in DePin and blockchain all together.

​We warmly welcome all interested in blockchain infrastructure and building things around it - creators, investors, and enthusiasts.

​This is a chance to gain first-hand insights into building DePIN tech and exploring ideas and use cases on it.

​Refreshments, beverages, and networking with fellow attendees will be provided. 🥃 🥐

​Come join us for an immersive conversation on DePIN and what we can build with it.

🎙️ Event Schedule 🎙️

​Will be updated later.

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Bengaluru, Karnataka