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Private Event

The CryptoDickbutt Ball

Hosted by Degen Princess
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This event is not currently taking registrations. You may contact the host or subscribe to receive updates.
About Event

Art. Culture. Math.

​Many people claim to know what these things are, yet few embody them with such fervor and finesse as the CryptoDickbutt connoisseur. An elite breed, this group will gather to pay homage to the perfection of CryptoDickbutts.

​This exclusive black tie gala will celebrate CryptoDickbutts, which vex the NFT establishment with no roadmap, no utility, and just one simple mathematical truth: 1 dick equals 1 butt.

​This Masquerade Ball will elevate the humble CryptoDickbutt to its rightful place in history. Join us for an evening of libations, performances, and rites to honor the Prophecy.

Gooch Island awaits us all in the hallowed halls of the CryptoDickbutt Ball.

Note that this event is funded by the CryptoDickbutt DAO, tickets, and donations, and as such, priority will be given to active contributors and collectors. ​Please complete the form to submit your application to attend. We will notify you on the status of your application within 24 - 48 hours of submission.

There is a de minimis fee of $100 per guest, which is payable in stablecoins upon attendance confirmation. Donations are most welcome and all contributions will be put to work into elevating this event to mythical levels that can only be spoken of in hushed tones while sipping aged cognac in rooms adorned with rich mahogany and sumptuous velvet.

Formal black tie attire is mandatory and will be enforced at the door. Masks, capes, and displays of opulence strongly encouraged. Attendees must own a CryptoDickbutt. No +1s unless your guest also owns a CryptoDickbutt, is approved to attend, and purchases a ticket.

​Until then, hold your dicks and your butts, fellow lovers of art, culture, and math.