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The Dharma Doors with MC Owens

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Buddhists speak of 84,000 different Dharma Doors – entry points leading to enlightenment and liberation for all sentient beings – with access to them through 84,000 different sutras (Buddhist texts), each containing a distinct teaching to ease suffering. With so many sutras and so little time, it can be helpful to have a guide to explore all this preserved wisdom.
In weekly gatherings, sutras become a springboard to understanding the foundational, the obscure and the esoteric concepts that make Buddhism the unique and diverse tradition that it is.

Join MC Owens each Sunday night as he weaves humor and storytelling with modern scholarly research to open a new dharma door through a thought-provoking engagement with Buddhist texts and ideas.

Suggested donation $10 - $30.

MC Owens is a Buddhist teacher, translator, and author who uses a sutra-based curriculum that draws from a variety of traditions to teach the history, philosophy, and practice of Buddhism. He teaches regularly for the San Francisco Dharma Collective and he also runs Lotus Underground – a repository of his teaching activities, audio recordings, and writings.