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Scorpio Lunar Eclipse Soul Detox

Hosted by Tara Greene
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The Lunar Eclipse occurs May 5 at the 15th degree Scorpio a SOUTH NODE Lunar eclipse, meaning its all about deep shadow release, cleasing, and soul detoxing.

Eclipse are powerful times which should be honored and used carefully. They are not time to manifest or do any kind of magic. Traditionally they are used for prayer and meditation, Lunar eclipses are internalized, especially in Scorpio.

Lunar Eclipses affect our unconscious feelings, It's like a super Full Moon. Scorpio is the most intensely Soulful of all the sign of the zodiac. Scorpio rules finance, sex, power, control secrets, toxic things, recycling, waste, the shadow, death, rebirth and resurrection like the Phoenix.

You will learn the astrology why's and how's in this radical deep dive Lunar eclipse with freedom loving chaotic genius planet Uranus shaking up the status quo opposite the Moon. No previous astrology knowledge is necessary. Just a desire to let go and deeply release your own shadow traumas in a safe healing circle of cleansing and renewal.

Join me in circle with a group dedicated to deep intense soul work. We will release what no longer serves your souls growth. As we align in virtual circles our personal work is amped up and has a larger effect on the world. There is so much emotional toxicity, shadow projections, paranoia, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, jealousy, secrets and money and power abuses in our personal lives and in the world . We all need deep release and soul cleansing.