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Polygon Guild Boston Meetup - DevX Global Tour

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About Event

The DevX Global Tour is coming to North America 🎉

Polygon Guilds are hosting 6 events in the region - the first in New York, then followed by others. Join us in the Assembly Room of District Hall for Boston's main event!

🔥The biggest Polygon event of 2023:

​Through technical workshops and fun breakout sessions, participants will have the opportunity for hands-on learning about the latest Web3 tech.

🥁Join an amazing lineup of speakers discussing everything:

1. Technical workshops and fun breakout sessions

2. Hands-on learning about the latest Web3 tech

3. What’s in store for the future of Ethereum

4. Deep-diving into Polygon zkEVM, Polygon ID,

5 . The latest in Layer-2 ZK-rollup technology,

6. Sessions from partners like Rally, Circle, Phala and Trust Wallet!


​Snacks and drinks will be on us.
Chance to get Polygon Merch
Connect with folks from the ecosystem.

Our DevX Global Tour - connecting a global community of developers.

We're creating experiences and opportunities to be part of something huge -

We are looking for the next Web3 unicorn - is that you?!


💜 Polygon Labs:

Polygon Labs develops Ethereum scaling solutions for Polygon protocols. Polygon Labs engages with other ecosystem developers to help make available scalable, affordable, secure and sustainable blockchain infrastructure for Web3. ​

🛠 Polygon Wiki - the official documentation for 0xPolygon

🛠 Building Examples on Polygon Labs: Build a full-stack dApp on Polygon zkEVM - with Steph Orpilla.