Cover Image for Local & open-source AI developer meetup
Cover Image for Local & open-source AI developer meetup

Local & open-source AI developer meetup

Hosted by Cerebral Valley & Ollama
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About Event

The Ollamas are back to host another Local & Open-Source Developer Meetup with Cerebral Valley and Shack 15 @ the San Francisco Ferry Building!

Event schedule:

  • ​5pm: Doors open

  • ​6pm: Lightning demos (5 minutes each)

    • Jeff, Ollama (new product updates)

    • Elie, Google DeepMind (Google UniSim (new super fast near text embedding) RAG + Gemma + Ollama)

    • Jay, NVIDIA (TensorRT model optimizer - just opened sourced 3 days ago)

    • Vasek, e2b (open-source code interpreter SDK project that helps you add code interpreting capabilities to your apps)

    • Jim, Docker ( Using GenAI to create project specific runbooks in markdown)

    • Nate, Continue ( Prompt as code: Using Continue’s .prompt file format to reuse instructions )

  • ​7pm-8pm: Free time

Thank you to co-hosts & sponsors for making this happen!

1, Ferry Building, Suite 201, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA