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About Event

The Ollamas and Friends are back for another developer focused meetup! We're going to Cerebral Valley @ the San Francisco Ferry Building!

Open-source AI demo day

Free catered food & drinks will be available.

Event schedule:

  • 5pm: Doors open & food served

  • 6pm: Lightning demos (5 minutes each)

  • 7:15pm-8pm: Free time

Thank you to co-hosts & friends for making this happen!

  • Replicate team

  • Nous Research team (Yes! Teknium will be there)

  • team

  • Continue team

  • Docker team

  • Sourcegraph team

  • CrewAI

  • LangChain team

  • LlamaIndex team

  • Hugging Face team

  • Eric Hartford (builder of dolphin models and uncensored models)

  • Charles (mergekit project)

Want to demo your project? Please email for instructions!

Thank you to Cerebral Valley and Shack15 for making this happen.

Ollama will be doing an upcoming feature preview.

1, Ferry Building, Suite 201, San Francisco, CA 94111, USA
Walk up the stairs from the main entrance, and ask for Shack 15 / Cerebral Valley