Cover Image for WTF are Inclusive Communities and How To Maintain them (a meetup for and by the devrellers community)

WTF are Inclusive Communities and How To Maintain them (a meetup for and by the devrellers community)

Hosted by Wendy Devolder & Rita Rodrigues
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Join us at our first devrellers meetup, online or in person (in London, UK) on June 1st to explore how to grow and nurture inclusive communities with the amazing Carla Gaggini, Jade Amic and fellow devrellers.


We'll be welcoming everyone to our in person meetup (in London, UK) from 6:30pm BST. If you are joining us online, you can join us live from 7pm BST| 8pm CEST | 2pm ET.

* 7pm BST| 8pm CEST | 2pm ET Talk: WTF Are Inclusive Communities And How to Maintain Them, by Carla Gaggini and Jade Amic.

* 7:30pm BST| 8:30pm CEST | 2:30pm ET - Live Q&A

Following the live Q&A our in-person attendees can enjoy some further drinks and conversations.

Talk: WTF Are Inclusive Communities and How to Maintain Them

We are all here because we enjoy participating in and contributing to communities. Some of you might aspire to build tech communities that are diverse, open, inclusive and safe. Even if you are not planning to build a new community, you probably wish to belong to one with these characteristics. And while communities brought us all together, it doesn’t mean that we can feel safe to openly share and learn. That’s when reflecting on values collaboratively becomes crucial. It goes beyond abiding by a CoC or building a diverse line-up: it makes us part of the process and it makes us accountable for the values themselves.

In this talk Carla and Jade will share a real life example on how they mapped out the personal values of several teams, to create a shared value system for their internal community to follow and belong to. A system that was also expressed externally through the voice of their WTF is Cloud Native brand.

Speakers: Carla Gaggini and Jade Amic

Carla Gaggini

Carla has been managing content, events and Communities since 2011. She started with experimental music festivals and eventually ended up in Tech, where she fell in love with its Ecosystem. During her career she has produced and run many conferences (yes, also the virtual ones!), meetups, webinars and hackathons. She currently heads the Content, Events & Community Department at Container Solutions, driving and implementing the strategy around the WTF is Cloud Native brand, the Software Circus community as well as all Container Solutions’ marketing campaigns. She is also one of the co-founders of the meetup, a CNCF and OpenUK Ambassador and the 2022 CNCF Marketing Committee Chair. Carla drinks way too much tea (mainly green), has an unhealthy obsession for Japan and a big passion for art, music, cinema, philosophy and fashion. Pronoun is She/Her, most of the time.

Jade Amic

Jade currently heads up the Marketing team at Container Solutions, a global Cloud Native Transformation consultancy, and the talented team behind ‘WTF is Cloud Native?’

She’s an internationally award-winning creative with hands-on experience in building, mentoring and empowering teams, while developing business-driven strategies as well as digital, social, and integrated ideas.
“As creative problem solvers, we have the power to change the world, and we can change it for the better.” Jade believes the world is changed by big ideas and people brave enough to bring them to life.