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Developer's Coffee Meetup

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About Event

​Hola Folks πŸ‘‹

​We're having this casual Developer-centric coffee meet up, in Indore on May 6th.

​All the discussions regarding the meet up will be done using WhatsApp Group. You can join the group using:

​Basic points for clarity

  1. ​It's going to be a casual and inclusive meet up, anyone can join us whether they're a developer or not.

  2. ​Please make sure, you sound inclusive and welcoming enough to all the members.

  3. ​Any kind of refreshments will be ordered by you only, we're not covering any amount as of this meet up.

  4. ​Feel free to bring up with your own agendas of discussions before or during the meet up.

  5. ​All of you're welcome, Do join us and enjoy the evening with devs from Indore(or outside Indore :D)