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Design Thinking for Brand Strategists

Hosted by Brand Orchestrate & Eric Moore
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Design Thinking is the Next Competitive Advantage for Brand Strategists


Eric Moore,
Organizational Design Strategist, as he shows you how design thinking is a powerful way to create value for your customers. In this 45-minute interactive webinar, you will learn about the mindset and uses of design thinking in the branding world.

As strategists, you must continually see the world not as it is, but as it could be. It’s about exploring future possibilities whose solutions can’t be found in past experiences alone.

Why this webinar?

Eric wants to demystify design thinking, deconstruct the process, and give brand strategists a tangible and repeatable way to work with clients that build trust. While Eric is not a brand strategist, he works with many brand and marketing teams, each with inspiring outcomes. But what he noticed is their processes were inconsistent and led to multiple client revisions. Eric loves helping creatives like yourself show the benefits of branding and why good design is a business imperative.

Why design thinking for brand strategy?

The keyword is strategy. No matter what discipline you are in, be it brand, marketing, products, or services, each of these will benefit from a well-informed strategy. To get there, you must commit to a disciplined process and design thinking can provide that to you. With design thinking, there are many methods that help you through tough decision-making moments in your client’s journey.

What will participants get from this webinar?

For this audience, this webinar isn’t about creating a prettier logo or a stronger brand story—you already know how to do that. You will learn the core foundations of design thinking, which is the bedrock of great branding. Eric wants to give the audience the confidence to know how to ask the right questions, but also the methods to execute the answers.

Wednesday, February 9,⋅1:00 PM – 1:45 PM, EST

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