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You’ve landed your first design job! What’s next? Join Designers, Researchers and Content Designers from Pinterest as they share what skills and career development opportunities set them up for success as they started their careers in design.

🐰 About our speakers

Amy Lima is a first-generation American and tech professional currently working as Pinterest's first-ever Product Design Apprentice. In a prior life, Amy worked in the music industry, and transitioned to the design field once she realized it's where her passions and (largely transferable) skills perfectly aligned. Her design philosophy is deeply rooted in ethical and empathetic practices, and her work focuses on fostering community and well-being.

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Hannah Scott is a longtime Pinployee and has had multiple roles at the company. Currently, Hannah is a product design lead at Pinterest and tackling fun problems alongside an amazing team and fellow designers. Hannsh loves sushi, dogs, doodling and the great outdoors!

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Lise Statelman is a product designer in the Bay Area with a love for brand and design systems. She's currently at Pinterest improving the developer experience. She balances this out with teaching power yoga on the side. Previously she freelanced for wellness and fintech companies, and built mission-driven credit cards and loans at LendUp. Lise holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Northeastern University.

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Ellen Chou is a Product Designer with 10 years of experience in interaction design, brand, and architecture. As a member of Pinterest’s Monetization team, she works on both business tools and consumer experiences. She is currently building a new business model to help creators generate new revenue possibilities on Pinterest. Previously, she designed the Apple Online Store and the Wish Local Pick Up Program. Outside of work, she is either trying a new recipe from Pinterest or teaching her cat, Oliver, how to fetch.

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Jon Gass manages the Pinterest Ads User Research team that focuses on both tactical and strategic work. He has 20 years of experience leading User Research at companies like Google and Microsoft on products such as Search Ads 360, Microsoft Teams and Windows.

Having pivoted from a sciences background, he is passionate about helping people transition into UX roles and is a frequent guest speaker at the University of Washington MHCI+D program.

Outside of work Jon has a keen interest in the Health and Wellness space, and can usually be found trying out new devices.

Molly Marriner is formerly, the foreman of a civil jury, an English teacher, a video store clerk, a New Yorker, and an Alto 2. Currently, she's an Oakland-based writer and content designer. At Pinterest, Molly has worked for about four years on core and growth surfaces. Some favorite projects including envisioning the future of Pinterest basic functions from search to feeds, redesigning the logged out product, and developing emotional well-being resources from the ground up. She also creates zines and other weirdo text-based projects under her ~independent label~, Content Queen. Find out more and see a photo of her basset hound at:

Connect with Molly: All socials @becauseitismyname, Website

Michael Saenz is a User Researcher who turns data points into actionable insights. Michael's tactical focus is on designing, conducting, analyzing, and reporting on user research. Strategically Michael evaluates why users hire our products and find unmet needs to develop new product ideas and build research roadmaps. Michael is an expert in qualitative research, design research and has experience in quantitative research, market research, and product design.

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