Design Buddies: 1-Year Birthday Party

Apr 10 (Sat), 11:00 PM Coordinated Universal Time Β·Zoom


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Event Information

​Design Buddies was born on April 10th, 2020. It started as a casual fun community to hang out & learn design during the pandemic. Since then, we have grown to be the largest design community in the world thanks to all of you Buddies!

β€‹πŸŽ‰ Event Agenda

  1. ​Panel with Design Buddies Admins

  2. ​Boba tea party with the community

  3. ​10 Design Buddies limited edition merchandise giveaways. Merchandise will be designed by Grace Ling and produced by Yashar Hoang!

  4. ​After party in Discord voice channel

​This event will take place on Zoom (same link as the one on Luma) and Discord!


β€‹πŸ° Design Buddies Story

​After Grace Ling was discouraged by her professors to pursue design and stick to engineering for her career at the end of 2019, she refused to listen and kept moving forward. She stumbled into online design communities but felt like a small potato in this vast world of design with no design degree or certificate. She felt like she didn’t belong, and just wanted a wholesome place to talk about design. Thus, Design Buddies was born!

​A big inspiration behind Design Buddies’s brand was also Grace’s experiences with toxic gaming communities. As a former target of cyberbullying, Grace has been determined to create an inclusive space where all voices may be respected.

​Without our admin team, focus group, strategic advisors, content creators, event coordinators, designers, mentors, club leaders, and nearly 20,000 of you in our community, none of this would be possible. Special thanks to our leads: Nadia Le, Brian Moon, Jess Lam, Maggie Pena, Kimberley Chong, Calum Mills, Nabil Mir, Sara Georgas, Jack Shugrue, and Yashar Hoang, in no particular order!


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