Cover Image for DeSci Nordics 04_2024
Cover Image for DeSci Nordics 04_2024
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Private Event

DeSci Nordics 04_2024

Hosted by Patrik Hollos & Anca Petre
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About Event

A meetup style one-day conference dedicated to decentralized science and its tooling in all forms.

Our aim is to provide a relaxed, network focused event to kickstart a more interactive decentralized science community in the New Nordics by showcasing existing success stories and bringing together organizations and people dedicated to fix and accelerate translational science.

The programme brings together DAOs, tooling and platform providers and university spinoff ecosystem players.

The event sign-up functions as a pre-registration, depending on number of participants there might be a ticket introduced with a modest fee to cover costs.

Programme and location:

TBA with event site

Participants confirmed:
ValleyDAO, VitaDAO, MIMIR Fellows, - More TBA



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Tallinn Creative Hub
Kursi 3, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia
10 Going