Cover Image for DeSci Nordics 04_2024
Cover Image for DeSci Nordics 04_2024
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DeSci Nordics 04_2024

Hosted by Patrik Hollos, Anca Petre & Themis Atsaloglou
Past Event
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About Event

A meetup dedicated to decentralized science (DeSci) and its tooling in all forms.

The "second wave" of the DeSci movement in the recent years truly brought some tangible improvements in rapid research funding, availability of cloud computing tools, reproducibility, open data access and other community based efforts to eventually help human and planetary health. For a comprehensive overview of the scene, take a look at this article.

Our aim is to provide a relaxed, network focused event to kickstart a more interactive decentralized science community in the New Nordics by showcasing existing success stories and bringing together organizations and people dedicated to fix and accelerate translational science.

The programme brings together DAOs, tooling and platform providers and university spinoff ecosystem players.

Preliminary agenda, subject to change:

9:15 - Breakfast

10:00 - Welcome by Patrik Hollos (litegrav) and Marguerite de Rodellec (Medrise Studio)

10:10 - Tyler Golato, Molecule: "Introduction to the DeSci ecosystem and whats on the forefront" (remote)

10:35 - Future of research and the importance of engaging communities

Moderation : Katariina Kordemets, The Creator Fund

Ghita Wallin, MIMIR Fellows
Karl-Ander K., Nucleate
Tyler Golato, Molecule (remote)

11:10 - Eleanor Davies, VitaDAO: "Advancing Longevity Research through Decentralized Science

11:40 - Veronica Kirin, AsteriskDAO “Revolutionizing women’s non-reproductive health through research and femtech funding"

12:10 - Morgan Richards, ValleyDAO: “Solving Climate With Synthetic Biology”

12:40 - Light lunch+Coffee, Networking

13:25 - Mariusz Nowostawski, Norwegian University of Science and Technology: “Introduction to Decentralised Systems Engineering Lab”

13:45 - Astra Tikas, Internet Native Organization: “From Academic Consortia to Collectively Owned IP: Collaborative Frameworks for DeSci in the DAO Era

14:05 - “Decentralized solutions for health and clinical trials” Fireside chat by:

Fillippo Frangioni, Novo Nordisk/Nordic Blockchain Association
Anca Petre, Medrise Studio

14:25 - Joshua Bate, DeSciWorld: “A Knowledge Backed Economy with DeSciWorld"

14:45 Short break

14:55 - Morten Scheibye-Knudsen, University of Copenhagen: “The longevity Molecule - a researcher's perspective story" (remote live)

15:15 - Wrap up and what's next for DeSci Nordics. Networking and open mic access for matchmaking and announcements

15:30 - Official program ends, networking until 17

ValleyDAO, VitaDAO, MIMIR Fellows,, Novo Nordisk, Nordic Blockchain Association, Molecule, AsteriksDAO, DeSciWorld, INO - More TBA

Made possible by: litegrav, Medrise Studio, MINA Foundation

The exact location for the meetup is in the "Stalker Hall" room of Kulturikaatel - Kursi 3, 10415 Tallinn.



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DeSci Nordics is a side event of Bananaconf

Tallinn Creative Hub
Kursi 3, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia
77 Going