Cover Image for DePIN Day Brussels πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ
Cover Image for DePIN Day Brussels πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ
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DePIN Day Brussels πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ

Hosted by Fluence & 4 others
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​Brussels edition of DE:PIN DAY is going to be epic πŸ’₯
We open doors at 10:00 AM, all the amazing talks and panels starts at 11:00 AM. Don't miss out!



11:00 ― Opening Remarks
Tom Trowbridge (Fluence)

11:10 ― Filecoin: The Storage Layer for Web3 & DePIN
Molly Mackinlay (FilOz)

​11:30 ― AI & Gaming Infrastructure of the Future
Mark Rydon (Aethir)

​11:50 ― Staking on Fluence
Tom Trowbridge (Fluence)

​12:10 ― Panel Discussion
Untapped Opportunities of DePIN & AI
Moderator: Lukas Bresser (Ramo)
Harry Grieve (Gensyn)
Anil Murty (Akash)
David Shnider (Lit Protocol)

12:40 ― Coffee Break

​12:50 ― Unlocking Decentralized Storage for AI Workloads and Beyond
Vuk Vukoje (Ramo)

​13:10 ― Connected Car Happiness: How Open Infra will Create Tens of Millions of Happy Users of Car Apps
Alex Rawitz (DIMO)

​13:30 ― Panel Discussion
Democratizing Infrastructure with DePIN
Moderator: Megan Klimen (Filecoin)
Clemens Wan (Consensys, Infura, DIN)
Simone Romano (IoTeX)
Paksy Plackis-Cheng (Staex)
Ranvir Rana (Witness Chain)

​14:00 ― Lunch Break

​15:00 ― Super Subsidies: Using Revenue to Multiply Impact
David Voric (Glow)

​15:20 ― Fireside Chat
Kyle Samani (Multicoin Capital)
Tom Trowbridge (Fluence)

​15:50 ― Panel Discussion
Breaking Into Mainstream - DePINs Certain Future
Moderator: Rob Schmults (Blockchange)
Anna Bertha (Digital Currency Group)
Jasper De Maere (Outlier)
Alpen Sheth (Borderless)
Mahesh Ramakrishnan (Escape Velocity)

​16:20 ― Coffee Break

​16:30 ― Decoupling hardware ownership from operation in DePIN
Manolis Nikiforakis (WeatherXM)

​16:50 ― Disrupting the Compute Economy with the People
Jonathan Jaranilla (Exabits)

​17:10 ― Making DePIN Verifiable: Evolving From Fair Minting to Fair Data Governance
Brennan Lamey (Kwil)

​17:30 ― Panel Discussion
Monetizing Energy Data: DePIN + Renewable Energy
Moderator: John Calian (Riddl&Code)
Leo Lin (Arkreen)
Dayon Elings (Kollect Agency)
David Voric (Glow)

​18:00 ― Closing Remarks
Tom Trowbridge (Fluence)

​18:30 ― After Party


​Tom Trowbridge @ Fluence
Kyle Samani @ Multicoin Capital
Molly Mackinlay @ FilOz
Mark Rydon @ Aethir
Harry Grieve @ Gensyn
Anil Murty @ Akash
Vuk Vukoje @ Ramo
Rob Solomon @ DIMO
David Voric @ Glow
Megan Klimen @ Filecoin Foundation
Manolis Nikiforakis @ WeatherXM
Simone Romano @ IoTeX
Rob Schmults @ Blockchange
Anna Bertha @ DCG
Jasper De Maere @ Outlier
Alpen Sheth @ Borderless
Jonathan Jaranilla @ Exabits
Brennan Lamey @ Kwil
John Calian @ Riddle&Code / RDDL Network
Leo Lin @ Arkreen
Dayon Elings @ Kollect Agency
Paksy Plackis-Cheng @ Staex


​Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels
Room Royal A&B
πŸ“ Rue du FossΓ© aux Loups, 47

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​Get ready to dive into the latest topics and research in DePIN and decentralized compute including multi-party computation, decentralized RPC, capacity rewards and proof systems.

Enjoy keynotes and panel discussions, mingle and discuss with DePIN leaders, researchers, developers, and enthusiasts coming to EthCC [7] week in Brussels πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ

Radisson Collection Hotel, Grand Place Brussels
Rue du FossΓ© aux Loups 47, 1000 Bruxelles, Belgium
Floor 1, Royal Ballroom A&B
1,360 Going