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GrowthX Demo Day

Hosted by GrowthX
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About Event

​Do you want a sneak peek into the top 1% of minds of founders & growth leaders?

This is for YOU!

GrowthX November Cohort completes their 8-week experience this Sunday. The participating teams will be covering in-depth growth strategies for some of the most exciting tech products worldwide.

This time, the GrowthX teams worked on the following products.
PagarKhata | Luma | Mailerlite | Enkash | UniCards | BookMyShow | Skillshare | Webflow | Jupiter Money | Fitternity | Leher | Airblack | Badoo | Ditto | Upgrad | | Furlenco | Relevel | Upraised | Zepto

Sunday, 23rd January 2022 | 1:00 PM to 4:30 PM (India time)
Don't worry; time flies fast here:)

Who is pitching?
The top 3 teams were selected based on a scoring system out of 21 teams.
These are Founders, PMs & Marketers from top tech startups in India.

What are they pitching?
The entire growth flywheel. From product understanding and market sizing to user acquisition, onboarding, retention & monetization. Plus a taste of the overall growth model. 30 mins pitches followed by 30 mins of Q&A from the panelists.

Who is judging?
The pitch will be vetted by an exciting panel of experienced growth operators to choose the winner out of the 3 teams, along with the audience's input.

Why should you attend?
- If you are a PM, PMM, Founder/CXO, Marketing head, Product designer, or analyst.
- Absorb what's being discussed about product & growth by top talent.
- Try to understand the approach the presenting teams have taken.
- Make notes and see what you can apply to your tech products.

How can you attend?
This is a closed-door event. Please apply to get access.