introduction : Addressing Racial Inequity



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Discrimination and exclusion are wearing heavily on the consciousness of humanity. Uprooting such practices from the fabric of society is not an easy task. Much progress has already been made, yet the road is full of difficulties and setbacks. There is no simple solution. It will require a unified and sustained effort from people from all colours and backgrounds. To address discrimination of any kind – racial, gender, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religious – we have to do this together.

We offer an introduction session on our methodology to address diversity equity and inclusion questions. These are 90 min. online interactive zoom session to introduce our capacity building approach and to explore how it can help you and your organisation. Select the option below and you will receive a confirmation and a zoom-link.

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Grant Peirce
Rodney Frank
Iko Congo
Paula van den Boogaart
Bích Loan

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