Dutch Edtech Deep Dive: Gamification & Edtech. What are the latest trends, business models and insights around gamification and Edtech? Jan-Willem Huisman, Founder IJsfontein - MEMBER ONLY



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Event Information

During this Dutch Edtech Deep Dive with Jan-Willem Huisman, Founder IJsfontein we will explore the topic around gamification and Edtech.

Date & Time: Wednesday, 17th of November 4PM - 5:30PM CET

Online event & members only

Who is Jan Willem Huisman? Listen to the Dutch Edtech podcast where we interviewed Jan-Willem about edtech, gamification and his 20 years of experience in this industry.


Leading Question

What are the latest trends in gamification and edtech? What are the newest business models for Edtech companies? The best practices around gamification? And how is metaverse going to play a role in Edtech innovation?  

Learning Goals - Deep Dive - Learning Analytics

Understand what gamification is and the metaverse.

Understand how you can apply gamification for your company or improve best on industry benchmarks.

Be capable to apply best practices in gamification with the latest models, tools and frameworks.

Understand future trends in gamification which are applicable to your company   


  • 5 min - short introduction by Dutch Edtech

  • 15 min - pole & survey with live participants

  • 30 min - demo & presentation from Jan-Willem Huisman, Founder IJsfontein

  • 45 min - Q&A and open discussion to share insights, knowledge and best practices


  • Dutch Edtech members only! -> Want to become a member? Join by booking a meeting with Annet Kloprogge via http://calendly.com/dutchedtech or reach out via [email protected]

  • Invites are open to people who work for Edtech startups/scaleups or education institutions, who work around learning analytics

  • Max 15/20 people to manage a good discussion

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