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Decentralized RPC Summit 🧿

Hosted by Fluence & 4 others
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We gather together industry leaders, researchers, developers, and enthusiasts on the Devconnect & Labweek in Istanbul 🇹🇷

Talks from the top web3 infrastructure projects, Q&A, networking, drinks & snacks. Join us to get an in-depth look into the latest research & tech insights.


> Block 1

1:00 pm — Doors Open / Check-in / Welcome Coffee

2:00 pm — Opening Words / Summit Kick-off

2:10 pm — Counterintuitive facts of decentralization
Constantine Zaitcev, CEO @ DRPC.ORG
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2:35 pm — Decentralized Data <> Decentralized RPC
Harish Raisinghani, DevRel @ Covalent
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3:00 pm — Why RPC providers must be decentralised & PRIVATE
Rik Krieger, Founder @ RPCh by HOPR
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3:25 pm — Panel Discussion ft. Constantine Zaitcev [DRPC], Dylan Rae [Covalent], Rik Krieger, [HOPR], Peter Stewart [Ankr] moderated by Igor Mandrigin [Gateway]

☕️ Coffee Break

> Block 2

4:20 pm — Infrastructure censorship
Costanza Gallo, Head of Partnership @ Swarm Foundation
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4:45 pm — Programming Decentralized RPC With Fluence
Bernhard Borges, Chief Scientist & Evgeny Ponomarev, Co-founder and CTO @ Fluence
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5:10 pm — The Decentralized Infrastructure Network: An Update on Progress and View of the Roadmap
Andrew Breslin, Sr. Manager, Product Strategy @ ConsenSys
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5:35 pm — Presto rollups and decentralization
Igor Mandrigin, CTO @
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6:00 pm — Panel Discussion ft. Andrew Breslin [Consensys], Costanza Gallo [Swarm], Evgeny Ponomarev [Fluence], Igor Mandrigin [Gateway] moderated by Sebastian Buergel [HOPR]

🥘 Meal Break

> Block 3

6:50 pm — Building the Ultimate MEV Protection RPC
Crystal Ma, Product Marketing @ MEVBlocker by CoWSwap
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7:15 pm — Decentralized RPC & Modular infrastructure
Yair Cleper, CEO @ Lava Network
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8:45 pm — Building Decentralized RPC Networks with Restaking
Warren Paul Anderson, co-founder @ Exocore
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