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Decent Builder House @ EthCC Week

Hosted by Parker & 3 others
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About Event

​Decent is hosting a Builder House the week of EthCC as part of our ongoing global series of Web3 conference pop-up events. Our Houses provide a relaxing atmosphere for co-working, networking meetups and space for heads-down deep work, away from the noise of the main conference activity.

​The Builder House is open 2pm-10pm everyday, from July 18-20. We’ll have free, healthy food and drinks stocked for you to grab when you need to refuel. We’re partnering with local companies to provide the best Paris has to offer.

​Come recharge your batteries with the Decent team, hang out with other Web3 builders, and get more out of your EthCC experience at our Builder House.

Builders Unite!

What: Decent Builder House

​When: July 18 through 20, 2pm-10pm

​Where: 39 Rue des Petits Champs, Paris, FR, First Floor

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