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DeAI Society

Hosted by Newfoundation & 3 others
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Berlin, Berlin
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Building the New Internet

Update: You will receive an email update on the agenda and your allocated session! :)

Join the New Internet builders network for DeAI Society, a series of curated talks, working groups, dinners and events, where you will be featured in our documentary about the builders of the New Internet! 🎥

​Present your project and meet with founders, builders and investors to define the future of composable decentralized AI and the New Internet stack for a DeAI Society.

2 x TECH sessions ​~ max 30 people in each session :) Saturday is almost full!
1 x Sunday Creator Sessions

​~ 🌐
The smartest builders in the world are currently running in those two opposite directions: one working towards the exponential increase in machine intelligence and utility (AGI), the other is running towards more trusted global information systems (web3).

​The New Internet is the synthesis of two seemingly incompatible emerging computing paradigms combining the best elements of both paradigms to achieve a decentralized AGI that is natively aligned with the best interest, values, preferences and intelligence of humanity.

​The New Internet stack: Agent Centricity, Proto-Apps, AI Protocol, Verifiable Data, API Composability, Distributed Modularity, Agentic Workflows, Verifiable Computing, Consumer GPU Acceleration, Abstract Computing Markets, Mechanism Design, Creative Networks.

~💡 📸 🎬
The documentary will be produced by Newforum, the research network for deAI and web3 founders, investors, researchers and creators launched by Newfoundation.

Filming and art direction of the documentary by Antonio Pedro and Hugo Hoppmann from the Newfoundation team. Presenters will receive a recording guide and dress code 📸 🤳🏽🧢


Join us in our recording studio in Kreuzberg and socials during ETHBerlin!

Saturday 25th - TECH TALKS
Session 1
10:00am Networking Coffee
10:30am New Internet Keynote
11:00am Team Presentations
12:00pm Break
12.15 New Internet/DeAI Stack Workshop
1:30pm Lunch with Group 2

Session 2
1:30pm Lunch with Group 1
3:30pm New Internet Keynote
4:00pm Team Presentations
5:00pm Break
5:15pm New Internet/DeAI Stack Workshop

Private Dinner
7:00pm Pizza and Drinks on a rooftop on the Spree river!
10:00pm Party at FWB

Brunch Day and Filming
Sofiane, Franchesko, Hugo, Tony and Madeleine will be in touch.

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Berlin, Berlin
44 Going