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#10 Solidity Singapore @ Token2049 & Ethereum Singapore 2023

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  1. ​@bguiz - Account Abstraction on EVM-compatible networks (Hedera) is here.

  2. @optimizoor - Gas Optimization with Solady.

  3. @0xagnish - Verkle Tries, Statelessness and the Verge.

  4. @alex_xiong_ - Espresso Sequencer (HotShot consensus, Tiramisu data availability solution)

  5. @Amber_hcq - Finding bugs in zkEVM (Veridise)

  6. Suede Kam - Secure and Trustless Oracle via ZK (HyperOracle)

​Please note: Due to limited space we'll be giving priority to technical guests. Thank you for understanding and your support! 🙏 We intend to send our decision at least 2 days before the event start.

Update: Thank you all for overwhelming interest! We received 350 applications, yet the venue capacity is around 60pax. We already pre-approved some applicants and reviewing the rest. Please stay calm and wait for email. (Updated: 5 Sept)


Other notes

  • ​Bring stickers/swag. We ♥️ stickers!

  • Questions/Comments: please reply to this thread.