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Video Translate 101

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📢 VIDEO TRANSLATION IS HERE!  ​Have you ever dreamt of seamlessly converting your videos into multiple languages? Now you can – in just a few minutes and up to 8 different languages (with more to come!)

Our upcoming webinar will feature Co-founder and CPO (Chief Product Officer) Wayne Liang, who will walk you through our latest AI feature. He'll demonstrate how effortlessly creators and businesses can translate their videos with just a few clicks.

​Here's what we'll cover: 

👉How to use the HeyGen Video Translate feature. 

👉Exploring the myriad of possibilities with this transformative AI tool.

👉A sneak peek at other groundbreaking AI features soon to be released by HeyGen Labs.  ​

Insiders and attendees can engage in a Live Q&A with the CPO and discover the art of creating captivating content that will set you apart from the competition. As a bonus, we will add a five-minute credit to every account that watches until the end.  ​

👉 When: Thursday, Sep 14, 11:00 am PT/ 2:00