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Build A Landing Page In An Hour with Michelle Marcelline (powered by Typedream)

Hosted by Andrew Hutton, Jake Hurwitz & KP
Past Event
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About Event

Howdy! Welcome to Day One. We’re a private community and fellowship program for emerging entrepreneurs. We love to host public events a few times a month to give people a taste of what our community and teaching style is all about.

Are you considering starting a side-hustle or an entrepreneurial endeavor, but aren’t confident in your web design skills? Or are you early on in your entrepreneurial journey, but want to improve your website design and conversion rates? Either way, this event is for you.

In this event, Michelle Marcelline from Typedream (a simple website builder) will be joining Karthik “KP” Puvvada, the director of our “Build Track”, in a live session to show us how to build a beautiful landing page in one hour. We’ll be accepting one volunteer who wants to turn their current — let’s face it — crappy webpage into a masterpiece. Attendees are welcome to follow along and build their own landing page on Typedream at the same time, or just watch and build one later.

As an audience member, expect to:

  1. Learn how to use Typedream (and other similar simple web tools) to quickly and cheaply build advanced products and websites.

  2. Meet and network with KP, Michelle, a handful of top names in the low-code and no-code spade, and other attendees.

  3. Get a glimpse of what KP’s Build Track at Day One is all about.

About the Hosts

Michelle Marcelline (Forbes 30U30) is the Co-Founder of Typedream, an all-in-one no-code tool that allows you to build very powerful websites VERY easily. Here is a gallery of websites that have been built quickly on Typedream.

Karthik “KP” Puvvada, aka “The Build in Public Guy” is one of the most prominent voices in the low-code and no-code community, and has been wildly successful documenting his entrepreneurial journey on Twitter over the last few years. He is leading our Build Track starting in October, 2022. The Build Track is a 6-week “sprint” for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to become confident builders capable of leveraging no-code and low-code tools to build products and businesses quickly and cheaply.