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Trust Keith Workshop: How to embed Data Protection into your company culture (without killing it 😬)

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In today's digital age, data protection is more important than ever. Cyber threats and data breaches are increasingly common, and it's crucial for businesses to take proactive steps to safeguard sensitive data.

However, many businesses opt for a tick-box approach and overlook the critical role that 'culture' has to play in data protection.

Join us for a panel discussion with Trust Keith's Lead Data Protection Expert, Tom Gell, who will provide you with practical tips and strategies to improve your business's data protection by changing your leadership and team culture. 🚀

💡 This workshop will help you to:

  • Identify common cultural mistakes that undermine data protection efforts

  • Develop strategies to foster a culture of data protection within your organization

  • Learn practical tips on managing data protection from a panel of the industry's top operators and data protection experts

👀 The Panel:

This workshop is suitable for any community member responsible or accountable for data protection.

Whether you're just starting to develop your data protection strategy or looking to enhance your existing efforts, our panel of experts are here to answer your questions and help you find the right path to protecting your data. ✅

​​About Trust Keith:

  • ​Tom and the Trust Keith team specialise in making data protection simple, easy, and even enjoyable.

  • ​They help tech scale-ups become and stay data-compliant by providing a dedicated data protection expert backed up by software.

  • ​​Their customers include multiple community members like Thriva, Learnerbly, MyTutor, GoCertify, Unitary, Maji, and more.

  • ​​Trust Keith is a Bronze Sponsor of Operations Nation, which means that not only do they help us stay data compliant, but they have also partnered up with us to help save you from the over-complicated world of data protection. If you ever need any advice, you can always find Tom lurking away in the ON Community Slack workspace, ready to help. 🙌