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Creating Data-Driven Journey Maps: Best Practices

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Customer journey maps (CJMs) have evolved from mere visuals to strategic tools supporting business transformation. 

When mapping, it’s critical to ensure your journey maps accurately reflect the experience they are supposed to reflect. Without that, the solutions, strategy, and even execution will be limited, and you will fail to meet your mapping objectives.  

Sourcing deep-dived data for CJMs ensures that real problems are solved, and you are not creating new problems, solving the assumptive ones. You may have spent weeks, months mapping journeys, only to realize how different the mapped as-is experience is from reality. You are definitely not alone in this experience. 

Join Chidera Okolie, Customer Experience Designer at The Alternative Bank, as she unveils crafting truly data-driven journey maps that resonate with the actual experience and catalyze meaningful business transformations.

📄 At the event, you will learn how to:

  • Properly source data;

  • Create data-led personas;

  • Collaborate with stakeholders;

  • Reflect ROI and business goals on CJMs

🎤 About the speaker

Chidera Okolie is the Customer Experience Designer at The Alternative Bank arm of Sterling Bank. She leads customer and product experience strategy, journey management, research, journey mapping, process optimization and business improvement for B2B, B2C, BNPL, E-commerce and B2B2C retail financial products and services. 

She manages customer strategy and growth for the large bouquet of the bank’s retail financial products and services. She absolutely loves optimizing customer and product journeys to be more customer-centric, eliminate wasteful processes and simply the best. 

Her favorite other thing to do is learning German on Duolingo and listening to personal finance and strategy podcasts. 

About organizers

​​UXPressia is an all-in-one cloud solution for understanding customer, user, and buyer experience, engaging teams, and driving successful digital transformation. Visualize your customers' journeys, create personas and impact maps, analyze touchpoints in multi-channel interactions, and invite teammates to collaborate in real time. Export designer-quality maps and personas and present them right from your browser online.

​​🎥 The event is going to be recorded.