Cover Image for DAO Taipei 2023
Cover Image for DAO Taipei 2023

DAO Taipei 2023

Hosted by da0 & 3 others
Past Event
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About Event

分散式自治組織(Decentralized Autonomous Organization,簡稱 DAO)在過去的幾年內遍地開花,各個國家、區域或甚至專業領域中,都逐漸有不同形式的 DAO 慢慢生成。這些 DAO 反映的不只是 人們對新興合作模式的追求,更是工作型態和社會文化交織而成的創新社會敘事。

本次活動旨在邀請東西方各種不同性質的 DAO,希望創造 DAO 和 DAO 之間的友善交流平台,除了分享經驗外,也共同推動新型態的組織形式。


執行單位 |開拓文教基金會
協辦單位|威如科技股份有限公司、彼峰股份有限公司、Dark Matter Labs 暗物質實驗室
合作夥伴|da0 零時道
策略合作夥伴|BuZhiDAO、VolumeDAO、FAB DAO、ABCD


Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) have flourished in the past few years, gradually forming in various forms across different countries, regions, and even professional fields. These DAOs reflect not only people's pursuit of emerging cooperative models but also represent innovative social narratives intertwined with work patterns and socio-cultural elements. This event aims to invite a variety of DAOs from both the East and the West, hoping to create a friendly exchange platform between DAOs. Apart from sharing experiences, it also aims to promote new organizational forms.

Check out our website for the agenda:

  • Organized by moda,

  • Executed by the Pioneer Cultural and Educational Foundation

  • Co-organized by Weiru Technology Co., Ltd., Bifeng Co., Ltd., and Dark Matter Labs.

  • Partners: da0,

  • Strategic partners: BuZhiDAO, VolumeDAO, FAB DAO, and ABCD.

  • Venue partner: AUSPIC PAPER